Matt and Sal Strano

Matt and Sal? Who the hell are they?

Matt and Sal Strano were conjoined twins that were separated during a freak chainsaw juggling accident. Now, after careers in the military they have put their sick and twisted ideas together to develop the WTF Universe. It's pretty much a world that will make you cringe with delight. Their crazy character's misadventures will have you Guffawing Out Loud. GOL! 

The first book in the series, Meet the WTFs is a very easy read. There are not many hard words to pronounce, and you almost will never have to use a dictionary to figure out what they're saying, unless someone is guffawing at you!

Meet the WTFs is not Bob's Mom's favorite novel, because there's blood and guts, vile and offensive language, and weird storage room sex. If you think you can handle it, you should definitely buy Meet the WTFs

Also, Matt and Sal have two new books, because they're dedicated and shit. Check out Fire and Furry, available now on Amazon. It's a short and easy read about some Furries in the WTF Universe that start a big forest fire... and have lots of sex and there's some murders too. Filling Holes is also on Amazon. It is a collection of WTF short stories that will provide you with even more graphic details about our crazy WTF characters. Buy that shit and fill the holes in your life, you know you wanna fill those holes.

Don't be a tight wad and save your money for your future, spend it all on our books and we'll give a portion of it to the DV Farm to help homeless vets. 

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