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Samantha Perkins - @saveMaxie

Help save Max! Tweet “squeeze the big ends” to help rescue him! Or, send him a message of encouragement to get him through his jacked-up ordeal!!

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Philip Banks - @banksinator69

I'm Dr. Philip Banks head of the SETI department of NASAL. I'm working to save Maxie. To find out how you can help, read "Meet the WTFs!"

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Mark Emanon - @NASALMark


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Bob Yohed - @twizzlernips

I love boobs. Oh...and I also love boobs. Occasionally, I’ll think about boobs. But mostly, my day is consumed with boobs. And Nutter-fuckin’-Buddy’s!

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Fred Roundbush Jr. - @ceilingbackpack

Well, it's there's no bio because his time is precious.

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Meet the WTFs - @MeetTheWTFs

Meet the WTFs is probably the best shit you’ll ever read! long as you’re not some stuck up shithead with a stick up your ass...

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