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Meet the WTFs

Hey, reader! Yes, you! You’re the one reading this, right?

We  need your help! We need to save Maxie, and the only way to do that is for you to read this book and follow the instructions inside.

It’s real simple. First, you need to buy this book (sweet marketing tool, huh?). Then, read the story of how NASAL discovered intelligent alien life and how some space alien guy got captured. Finally, follow the instructions at the end to do your part. Your part is huge; kinda like alien space wieners.

Here’s our situation. We have a LOST ALIEN! If found, you may be rewarded with a cool lab coat and maybe some  licorice if Bob keeps it off his nipples. Maxie (the space alien) is wearing two right shoes, a ‘WTF’ hat, but the ‘W’ has been scratched out and replaced with a ‘D.’ He also has a giant space wiener. He answers to Max, but we call him Maxie to fuck with him. He also needs some KY&T soon before he gets hangry again. He was last seen in a kennel on a redneck spacecraft/mobile-home powered by millions of bottle rockets.

Samantha and Philip are the two NASAL scientists spearheading the rescue effort while dealing with the chaos of their profit-driven corporate space agency. They’re trying real hard to save Maxie in between shootouts and jizz-powered super-villain attempts to take over the universe.

I know; it seems like a lot to take in, but we’ve really watered it down for you in this synopsis. The real vile and offensive stuff is inside this crazy ass book. We hope you feel as guilty reading it as we feel for writing it. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to help us! We need you to do your part, like now! Stop being a lazy bastard and save Maxie. The next book in the series depends  on it, you selfish douche!

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Fire and Furry

A group of friends travel to a forest in Oregon to have their annual Furry Festival. What could go wrong?

Each participant comes equipped with supplies and perverted intentions. However, this year Silverback hopes to change the focus of events away from sex, as he encourages his furry friends to find the real meaning of furrydom. He wants to make the furries great again. But, then there's a forest fire, and all hell breaks loose.

Can Silverback sway the furries to be more responsible and less perverted? Don't count on it.

Can the furries band together to stop a forest fire from spreading? 

Outlook not so good.

Will there be lots of weird sex and murders? 

Signs point to yes.

Will you be offended by reading this? 

Ask again later.

Will you buy this book? 

It is decidedly so. 

Buy This Shit, you know you want to

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Filling Holes: Fucked Up 'WTF' Short Stories

Did 'Meet the WTFs' leave you wanting more? Hell yeah it did!

Well, here's your chance to dive into some more WTF chaos. You will enjoy short stories about Bernice's pad, Ed Squatsenfartz, Rolf's Believers, Trot, Gorilla, Pussylips, Ginger Murkin, and more!

'Filling Holes' offers you a way to travel down the WTF hole. Go in the hole! You know you want to!

Go In the Hole

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How to Make Love Like a Pilot by Skip Johnson

Having trouble with the opposite sex? Same sex? Farm and/or domesticated animals? Then look no further. Skip Johnson will relay to you the keys to his success not only as an awesome pilot, but as a consummate ladies man. He'll also tell you how to be a man among men, like his prankster friends. Just be careful with the Jeremiah Weed!

Make Sweet Love

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